Data Translation

Are you having a problem translating data from one source to another?  Is your data transformation/translation process taking too long?  Let us take the strain of data translation away, so you can focus on business.

We offer a wide array of data translation options allowing us to re-structure data from other sources to meet your exact requirements. The data we provide will be ready to upload directly into your system without further handling.

Data Type Translation

Data types we handle:

 EDI  Oracle  Binary
 DBF  SAP  Variable Width
 ASCII  Report Image  Fixed Width
 EBCDIC  PDF’s  Delimited
 Packed (comp-3)  HTML  CSV
 SQL Server  Email  Unstructured

… and many more!

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Field Translation

Date and Numeric Fields
We convert date & numeric fields to meet your specifications.  This includes translating packed decimal.

Splitting or Combining Fields
We split or combine fields (City, State ZIP – Last Name, First Middle etc…) into separate database columns.

Binary to Text
Expand binary (Yes/No, TRUE/FALSE, 0/1) demographic information into descriptive text.

Insert or remove fields – record counters – pad information, and much more.

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