ETL Consulting

Data Extractions offers a full spectrum of  expert ETL consulting.  Whether its a transformation, an entire workflow process or a custom software design, we have the solution for you.

Our consultants use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), formerly Data Transformation Services (DTS) for a variety of tasks such as Data Warehouse or Data Mart Population, Data Cleaning and Standardization, Data Copy, Data Transformation, Merging data from multiple sources, Data Validation using multiple data sources, Automating administrative Tasks e.g. (backing up databases, restoring databases, copying data from production to development, database maintenance jobs), and Extract, Transform & Load (ETL).

Below are just a few of the things our consultants can help with:

  • Design and build packages using BIDS
  • Design/Optimize Control Flows
  • Design/Optimize Data Flows and ETL processes
  • Troubleshoot packages
  • Effectively manage packages
  • Deploy packages using best practices
  • Optimize performance
  • Maximize flexibility using variables and configurations
  • Design and create customized scripts for transformations
  • Import data into data warehouses (incremental imports of fact and dimension tables)
  • Transfer data from one SQL Server to another.
  • Data Quality Validation
  • Extract data from a variety of Sources (See our Data Sources)
  • Configurable Error Handling and Notification
  • Integrated Third Party Plug-ins: to aid in extracting data from data sources with no standards
  • Integration of data from multiple, heterogeneous data sources
  • Data cleansing and profiling to improve data quality
  • Master data management
  • Metadata management to ensure data lineage, integrity and history
  • Management of information throughout its life-cycle to enhance governance and compliance
  • Transform Data (summary, aggregation, filtering, splitting from one source to multiple destinations)
  • Import data from legacy systems into SQL Server. This includes text files or older database formats.
  • Design incremental jobs using transactions and timestamps to facilitate roll backs and minimize execution time when working with large data/highly transactional sources.
  • Much more – You dream it, we do it.

We also offer similar services with other ETL tools including:  Monarch & Talend.

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To compliment the gamut of consultative services we offer, we also offer ETL development training:

  • To help your staff understand the solutions we have developed/deployed.
  • To train your staff on developing enterprise solutions for your organization using SSIS
  • For beginner and intermediate level SSIS developers (both Remote and On-Location).

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